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Tuesday, June 8, 2010


On youtube in case you haven't seen, I uploaded a vlog talking about how stayed think last summer since there have been plenty of questions about it. I won't discuss anything further than what I have in that video here in my blog but I will sum it up a bit!

SO ABOVE is a picture of my current FATTY belly.
Basically, in the past few years, I have worked out a lot and maintained my body in its normal shape, 140lbs is my normal weight, and I actually went below 140 lbs two years ago and reached 131, which I don't think I have a picture of my belly back then. If I found one then I'll upload it here. So anywho, I gained about 10 lbs so right now I'm about 148 lbs which sounds really really heavy and im huge-er than I ever have.

However, though, i'm on my way to getting back to normal (140lbs) hopefully I reach my goal and so wish me luck =)

GOODLUCK to those who are in need to shape and toning for the summer!



  1. really you weight 148lbs, ?
    we weigh the same but i have so much fat :|
    you must be so tall .
    or it might be muscle fat coz your shape is good :D

  2. hey! what kind of exercise did you do to burn off so much calories?? and how long did you do it for?? btw..i don't think your belly now is even fat!! :)

  3. There's no way you weight 140. You look so slim, girl. How tall are you?