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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sat & Sun Shifts SUCKS !

Don't you guys hate when it's so hot outside, sucha good weather to go out with your friends, chill, hang out at the beach, go sun tanning, or like, go to the wonderland with your boyfriend, but you just can't because you have been scheduled at your work on freakin weekends? haaaaaaate! ;( Anyways, can't do nothing ladies.. school is coming up so i'm getting 1 shift a week only.. and that's what I need, coz gr. 12 will for sure torture me a lot! Ohh go check out the new video that I've uploaded for back to school make up look.. i will be trying to make more for students who are coming back to school like me! =D Hope you guys are having a great day and enjoy the sun while it's still hot!! alrightt. ttyl everybodayy! :)

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