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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

It's my Birthday tomorrow!

Hey guys ! So, it's my birthday tomorrow and i'm actually turning 17. Yeah, I know. Nothing so special, blahh ! LOL, but i'm styll excited ! who won't be right? especially when you're getting close to being legal ? =) YAYYY! Now that's something. Anyways, i'm having a basement party on august 12th, which is tomorrow, which is my actual birthday =) and this is actually ( i think ) the first time im celebrating my bday on the exact day of it. Good news huh ? hehe. but yeaa, by this time i am uploading my midnight blue look on yt which will go as video response to MAKEUPGEEK's eyeliner challenge thing. It was actually inspired by her. well, the contest is over. but i loved the challenge ! SO you ladies check it out ! and video response too it as well =) Nothing special guys, just want to see my subbies do it =) that'd be fun anyways =) Hope you guys are having great summr vacation soo far =)

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