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Friday, April 6, 2012

Super Funky & Bright Make up Tutorial

 Here's the sunset photo I took when we went boating, about two sundays ago! It was such an amazing thing to see! I don't usually watch the sunset for no particular reasons, but it's just the perfect time to relax and take time to think about things. At this moment, it was a love and hate relationship kinda thing. Our boat ran out of gas, twice! I was trying hard not to panic and this view helped me relax.

Hey loves!
I hope you are all doing well :) Here's another make up tutorial, something funky, bright, and just out there type of make up. I would totally rock this at a birthday party, clubbing, or pretty much any casual occasion. As I've mentioned in the video, feel free to tone down the look if you think it's a little too over-the-top for you. Again, we all have our own preferences. Here's some suggestions:

- Try to use nude lipstick, instead of a bright pink one
- Switch some eye shadows colors up, if you prefer
- Try not to bring the color too much pass the crease

I decided to curl my hair just to complete the whole funky-ness look. I hope you like it though! I really enjoyed doing this make up tutorial. Send me a photo of yours if  you decided to try it out. Seeya soon lovelies! &heart;

Xoxo, Camil

Products Used:

~ Eyes ~
Maybelline 24 Hour Color Tattoo "Edgy Emerald" - Shoppers Drugmart
MAC Paintpot "Painterly" - MAC Store
Dark green eyeshadow - Asian store
Innocence Mineral Cosmetics "Greek Shores" - Trade Secrets
Este Lauder Tom Ford Collection palette "Bronzee" 
MAC Eyeshadow "Aquasidiac" - MAC Store
Giselle Cosmetics Stack "Double Date" -
NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil "Milk" - Drugstore
Cats Black Hologram Eyelashes - Halloween Store
Milani Liqui'fye Eyeliner - Target

NYX Blush "Silky Rose"

NYX Lipstick "Fig"
NYC Lip gloss "Breathless"

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