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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Woodbury Commons - New York City!

We went to Jollibee in New York City!!! still the best filipino food I had to cut my diet lol

FAMILY! in front our hotel in Binghamton


Preview of portion of the things I got :)

Aldo sandals (left) & Glittery flats-shoes that I'm super in love with!!!

Perfume that I got my boyfriend

So either the watch above or below is the one I'm giving him also

Snapback from Lids

Kira perfume that I mistakenly thought was the one I wanted to buy :(

North Face black sweater

AE green sweatshirt!

Addidas top

Addidas shorts!

AE Blazer

AE Sweater

I am so thrilled to try/wear any of these things that I bought! You girls/guys know that feeling! :)) Since the weather has been so much more warmer, I am so excited to wear the sandals and shoes that I got!!! and everything else pretty much.

As for the birthday present shown above for my boyfriends 20th, I am going to give a birthday present #4 because I feel like the ones I bought are just cheap and I want to get him something bigger but not so expensive as I mentioned in the video (or will be mentioning if it hasn't been uploaded just yet). What do you guys think?

That is all for this haul. Let me know if you like posting my hauls on my blog as well! :))
I hope you all have had an amazing EASTER cause I did and it was super great celebrating it in New York! :)

- Camil

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