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Monday, August 2, 2010

Summaaah Time

11:44 p.m. I am not quite sure whether or not I should catch some sleep. I was just done polishing my nails with OPI's Lucky Lucky Lavender which is a gorgeous gorgeous color! Ahh. Thank gawd I had a little time to paint my nails before we leave. Then I finished it with the most aaaaahmazing top coat that you will never regret from paying almost $15 for it. Kay, let me just tell you a little something about this top coat nail polish. It used to be called Seche Vite, which I got two years ago. And then I decided to try it again since I've been into nail polishes again and it's now just called Vite on its bottle which is a lot boring right? But anyways, that's far from my point. This top coat is fanfreakintastic; dries up within like what? 30 seconds? or even less. Another thing is that it makes the overall result super nice & SHINY. Last thing is that, if you are bad with applying bright nail polishes on and it's just so annoying to fix those little lines from the brush and it's just all uneven, I do think that Vite fixes it and makes it look puuuuurfect.

Anyways, as I was saying, I couldn't decide whether or not I should get some sleep even just for a couple more hours. It's almost 12 and we're leaving for Boston, New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania in like 3 hours from now. Well I think my aunt's just exaggerating but we really are leaving with the bus at 5 am. I am so excited for this trip, only one thing though, I hate looooooooong drives! Ahhhh. But I couldn't say no since that would be a first major vacation in my summer 2010 aside from my coming up debut and a trip to Niagara to see The Great Wolf with my family and boyfriend! I am sooo excited with so many things I can't even mention them all in here. By the way, I will be coming with my sister, cousin, and my aunt on that bus tour and it will be a 12-hour trip from Toronto to Boston which is insanely long! wow.

Now....... it's time for me to post some pictures up cause we all know that pictures are always nice to see. I myself likes to stalk on facebook photos a lot. Btw, I will be doing a lot of vlogging and upload a lot of pictures here on my blog as soon as we get back! Here are some recent, random photos: