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Monday, July 5, 2010

Canada Day 2010 - KOA Campground

We went camping for three days and two nights, July 1-3!
It was fun ;) I'm super tanned!
Here are some photos from camping:

Here's Myself and Roel, getting ready to leave!

I drove our van with so much more heave things!

A stop over at tim hortons is always great! Wait, i think this was @ McDo. mmmmm ?

Ok now building the tents!

This is the tent that I slept at!

My aunt Marilyn bought all this Canada shirts and sold it to us! It looked cool in the pictures!

Second night. Waaaaay colder than it looks!

I just love playing badminton!

So here I was doing the "Vice Ganda" dance, teasing my granpa cause he hated the horse dance, as what they'd call it.

Second night that I actually talked and played with him. I was pissed at him the night before.


my baby cousin and aunt lanie, his mom! ;)

I'm wearing my favorite sweater from Forever21! ;)

Getting serious with volleyball in the first day! Ohh, I got serious tanned!

Look how horrible I looked here. haha! Second night, bonfire! ;)

So those are all the pics ! =)
Hope You enjoyed them!

xoxo, Camil

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