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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

CHALLENGE STARTS NOW? Diet for summer!

-=DIET PLAN with Camil=-

Hi everyone! So I'm guessing that you are here... reading my blog because you are ready to start and look better! (Like I do)
Well, you don't actually depend on me, obviously, but this is just a group diet plan with all my subscribers on youtube who doesn't have that good self-confidence. I mean, not all fat/chubby/not-so-sexy people doesn't have the self-confidence obviously but, you know, it's still different to look good and feel sexy all the time. Think about how it feels to get all clothing that you want and look good with it! Don't you girls think that's just the best thing ever? Being "big" isn't always fun especially when you're in love, or being in a beach. Wearing bikini and exposing your abs with great body feels fabulous! So let's do this for the SUMMER of 2010!

~ Goal - Having your own goal is very important! Understanding why you're doing this diet plan is extremely helpful to achieve the level you want to reach! Are you doing this because you want to prove bullies that they are the fat ones and not you? Is is because prom is coming up that is why you are trying to drop 15 pounds? Although it is important to have these reasons, it is necessary to understand that you're top priority is to be healthy and feel good! That's always the first thing we should keep in mind (though It was never my priority to be healthy but just to lose weight) But, I've come to understand that being healthy and not starving yourself is the key!

~ Inspiration - What are you inspired of? Who is your inspiration? This is important because this is one out of all the ways that will motivate you to achieve your goal. Have an inspiration and tell yourself that you can and will do it. Are you inspired by the people you see around the gym? Having those nice and athlete shape? Are you doing this to try and impress your boyfriend? Again, this is your inspiration, your motivation but don't depend fully on these. Also know that proving yourself you can do it alone is an extreme success.

~~Lose at least 20 lbs~~

1. Summer 2010 (bikinis, short shorts, fitted shirts, sexy dresses)
2. Prom 2010
3. Debut Party (18th birthday celebration)


1. My boyfriend
2. Sexy dresses in the magazine
3. Zuzana on Youtube!

START DATE: Thursday, February 18, 2010

- I am joining Zuzana's challenge of not eating any food with sugar with the exception of fruits. I wore this bracelet (shown in the video) that my grandma gave me just because it's something I don't wear a lot and since the color of it is so bright, it's better as a reminder.

I will be performing Zuzana's exercise from her youtube videos most of the time but when I feel lazy, I'll do my own work-out.
Here's her youtube name: charliejames1975

I was suppose to start today Wednesday, February 17, 2010 but I failed to eat less than I should.

Here are the list of meals (as far as I could remember) that I've consumed for:

FEBRUARY 17, 2010:

[be aware that all the ones I ate today are apparently very fattening]

Morning -- 1 1/2 Slice of Pizza
Lunch-- Pasta with cheese, fries, one strip of bacon, and some crutons.
Dinner -- Chicken, fries (poutine), and corn ~ 4pm
-- Three slice of meats (small ones) and one fried egg ~ 7pm
Exerice-- None

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