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Sunday, January 31, 2010

80's Fashion: Sexy Cramped hair

So, It seemed like you girls liked my hair tutorials so there's another one. Wait, haven't seen it yet? CLICK HERE:

Let me know what you think and comment below.
I actually accidentally deleted all the pictures in my camera so I lost all the ones I've taken with this hairstyle.
ANYWAYS, luckily, I got to take one picture (my prof picture on my personal facebook) when I wore it at school.
here you go:

teeehee, don't mind the guy behind me :) and this picture was taken at {love that site]

Things used in this video:
- GHD straightener
- Tresemee Heat Tamer Spray
- Sunsilk Hairspray
- Teasing brush
- wide tooth? comb

I love this hairstyle! You should try it =)
Especially that Valentines Day is coming up. yayy. ohh nvm, i'm dateless :(
but that's alright, i can date my mom and dad :) eat with them outside and have fun! :)
being single can always be fun! :D

Hope you like it ♥

xoxo, Camil