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Monday, November 30, 2009

A change will occur soon enough!

So every year before christmas, I'd always tell myself something.... something that I want to do and actually make it HAPPEN starting January the 1st. You know how we do it. Last year, I told myself, Ok, Camil, start disciplining yourself! ESPECIALLY when it comes to eating a lot of junk foods, i want to get rid of that bad habit! HONESTLY, I eat super lots of junk foods ESP. chocolates and chips! there you go fattening food, now, what I'm going to TRY and actually make an effort for is to QUIT THAT HABIT once again, this is probably going to be my third yearly attempt SO, yes! I'll actually try? I guess. hehehe. BUT! not only that, there is more that I want to accomplished and actually get into that changed habit over the year of 2010! THERE IS MORE, however, I have to kinda spend time to think about it more! expect me to post it before december 10th, 2009 though :D:D:D So here's my question for you, "WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS? AND WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO CHANGE FOR BETTER?" or at least try ! hehe. no ones perfect so if you try your hardest but still fail, maybe there's a problem that you have to ask yourselves "what is it that keeps me from accomplishing that goal you've been trying hard to accomplished for??"

MEERRRY ADVANCE CHRISTMAS GUYS! Love y'all. (I know, too early right? ) hehe .

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