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Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring Series: Pop ART look (Annabelle Cosmetics)

-So here's another spring look for all you ladies and I hope you like it. This look that I did was inspired by one out of the 6 different looks of Annabelle Cosmetics Looks. This is called the "Pop ART". Check out Annabelle Cosmetics online and their new products where you can customize your own quad for four different lovely colors. They have approximately 20 colors of eyeshadows but I'm honestly not quite sure but go check it out at The eyeshadows are very pigmented so that's why I am impress on my first time using Anabelle's eyeshadows.


Annabelle Shades in 'Martian, Funburst, Purple Reine, Laguna Surf'

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